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Birthmark Sisterhood

We're on a mission to help thousands of women to become HEALED, RESTORED & STRONG after having a C-section.  Lifting the level of postnatal recovery - so woman can live their best life.  

Founder, Naomi van Jaarsveld and family

I'm Naomi van Jaarsveld, founder, pre & post natal specialist, rehab trainer, mum of three boys and fellow C-section mama!  

The Birthmark Sisterhood is a growing community of women who have given birth via C-section, that are empowered in their recovery journey.

With a team of specialists creating complete wrap around care for this very special community of ladies.

Inside this community you will be:

  • guided and advised by a team of experts (personal trainers, scar therapists, counsellors, clinical nutritionists, midwives, physiotherapists and pelvic floor specialists).
  • empowered with the right tools to take simple but powerful steps in order to enhance their rehabilitation of their body, mind and soul from the inside out
  • taught how to safely HEAL, RESTORE and STRENGTHEN your body after having your C-section in a strategic and safe step by step process.

We know that after giving birth through having major abdominal surgery it's not wise to leave your recovery to chance.   “Sucking it up" or "pushing through the pain” won't lead you to a healed or strengthened body, but could hinder your recovery and set you back.

"We empower the women in our sisterhood with the right knowledge and SIMPLE but powerful steps to take, in order to enhance their recovery and build a HEALED, RESTORED and STRONG body from the inside and out."

We provide this through our online recovery program, hands-on coaching support and our sisterhood membership community.

Here at the Birthmark Sisterhood, we’re on a mission to take the ‘guesswork’ out of your C-section recovery journey, so amazing women and mothers like you can embrace this season of life and confidently live the life they love.

Because no mama should have to do this journey alone! There is enough challenges as a mum of a new born to deal with.  Trying to work out what you can do to enhance recovery or potentially hinder it shouldn't be one of those challenges.  

We're on a mission to take the guess work out of your recovery.  To EQUIP and EMPOWER C-section mamas to a place of strength. 


  • We believe every woman deserves to have their birth journey honoured and valued. 
  • We believe every women's should be equipped with the right tools and support to recover to full functional strength.
  • We believe every women deserves to be confident in the choices she makes in leading her to a strong body. 
  • The confusion of what you can and can't do
  • the unrealistic social expectations of "pushing through the pain"
  • The challenge that comes from a serious lack of consistent guidance, support and structured rehabilitation from the medical industry after hospital release.
  • the emotional pain, that if gone unprocessed can take the joy out of life.

...SO THAT YOU can be HEALED, RESTORED & STRONG with full confidence from the inside out.  

We value collaborating with experts in their field to bring the best advice, guidance and support to our Birthmark Sisterhood that deserves to walk this journey of recovery with confidence.

Here at the Birthmark Sisterhood we believe you're more than a mum.  We believe you deserve to have a healed body from the inside out - mind, body and soul.  

A holistic approach will give you the most effective approach to your recovery.  The best way to do that is by getting guidance and input from different specialists that will enhance and empower the recovery journey.  

That is why we've been working hard to connect with and gather insight and advice from a variety of experts in their field.  Hear from them first hand as they share incredible wisdom through the Birthmark Sisterhood Blog. 

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